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    Hey everyone, andoryuu3 here.

    I’ve been bouncing from chapter to chapter since I purchased Textfugu, and haven’t really locked down in any place in particular. I used a dastardly procrastination scheme of refusing to go further in textfugu without a digital tablet to take notes with. Now that i’ve scored a Wacom Bamboo Fun on the cheap, I have no excuse.

    I suppose sometimes I just take care of things in a really illogical way, but jumping around was only because I have prior experience with college Japanese classes. (Don’t be fooled, I’m not “good” with Japanese. but I CAN get around Japan if I try hard enough… Somehow I made it from Osaka to Nagasaki while traveling alone last summer…)

    Right when I was about to start b!^*#ing about which chapter to jump to next, I got slapped in the face with a giant JFDI. So, i’ve decided to start from the beginning, and commit to one lesson a day (half lesson in worst case scenario). I’m returning to Japan for another month in December, so I want to be able to communicate better– I want to feel that I’ve made progress.

    I’m studying Japanese for that reason, as well as wanting to speak in the native tongue as the 60+ friends I have made from Kitakyushu Daigaku (many of which will be offering me a place to stay this December). In the grand scheme of things, I’m a computer science major looking to apply his skill in advertising or clothing for a Japanese company (translation and more). I’m also wanting to teach a little English there to start so I can get my foot in the door.

    Nice to meet you all, and I’m sure I’ll see you all around. I’m on twitter under the same username. My account is dedicated to Japanese related content, so please feel free to follow me.



    Yuki Suishou

    Hi, andoryuu~ I gotta say, procrastination really has been the thing holding me back from learning Japanese; the mentality of ‘I can’t do this until this happens’ is very familiar to me.

    It’s cool that you’ve already been to Japan and are going back! I still have yet to go…
    Good luck with everything! :3
    (P.S. I have the same graphics tablet!)



    Hey andoryuu/Andrew! Glad you’re with us, good luck learning Japanese!



    Howdy! Welcome and good luck with your studies. :) How cool that you’ve already been to Japan. I hope you have a great return trip!



    Today I’ve covered yet another lesson! I feel like I should have a calendar and stamp pad like in Brain Age. Would be really cool to have a visual of the days I commit and the ones I skip.

    @yuki: instead of telling myself “i need to…” i’m now telling myself “i will do a lesson a day”. Much easier than anticipated!

    Oh yes, I went and I loved it. :) I’m sure December will result in a similar story.

    @hashi: Thanks man, just gotta stay commited! After all, it will only be myself that I let down. And logically, that would make NO sense.

    @winterpromise31: Thanks! I went without high or low expectations and really enjoyed it. Quite different, but I didn’t have any awkward clashes with the culture (as long as I kept sarcasm to myself..).

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    Yuki Suishou

    Congrats~! Hm…you may have already seen this, but
    The 365 days chart is for that very thing–giving you a visual of the days you commit and the days you don’t.

    That’s a good tip, actually…don’t say “I need to” but “I will do”…that’s something I need to tell myself often!

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