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    Aaron Brown

    -appears in a blaze of flame-

    Tl;dr: I managed to get a membership after years of waiting and am motivated by wanting to consume Japanese media. Hello, all, and I hope we all meet our Japanese learning goals! ^_^

    Hello, all! New to the forums, but only new to the paying half of Text-fugu. I’ve been watching it off and on waiting for memberships to open back up, but finally decided to write them and inquire and blessedly, they agreed–after, of course, warning me of no more updating for the info. In my pursuit of a good textbook, I was recommended this site. I had tried out a couple of chapters and found its approach fun and helpful (it included study methods, something heretofore NO textbook of ANY subject had offered), so I was down to try it, then saw memberships were closed, so I waited. Time passed and I sort of forgot, but I was watching a youtuber I follow and, wouldn’t you know it, he had recommended this site as he pointed out how he was trying to study for Japanese. So I came back, found it was STILL closed, started looking for EtoEto, found it wasn’t finished yet, decided to wait…until this year. I’m doing a sort of program called “Pick 4″ where you pick 4 things to work toward for 12 weeks. I put Japanese on the list and started going at Textfugu again in earnest. When I reached the last free chapter, I finally decided to message them and see if they might grant me access. A lifetime membership later, and here I am! Here’s hoping this is my year to become proficient at Japanese! :D

    -Ahem- My main motivation is the usual for nerds: anime and manga. Well, I also still dream of going there and staying a bit and experiencing the culture–but my pocketbook says that will likely always remain a pipe dream. But I still consume the media–though not with the voracity I did in my early 20s. I have a few light novels I plan on FINALLY being able to read, so good luck to us all! (If any of you are still here.)


    Oh hi!

    I don’t think people are on the forums much these days. I used TextFugu a lot like 6 years ago, but I’ve been waiting for updates for so long I’ve abandoned it. I’m glad the team offered you a discount, and while I agree it’s a good program for beginners, the community here is pretty much dead, since new people can’t join anymore. Almost everyone’s found other places to learn.

    If you’d like a vibrant forum community I suggest you join the community at wanikani. WaniKani itself is also a good program, but it’s subscription based. It’s based off of TextFugu’s kanji learning program so it’s a seamless transition, but you can use the forums for free anyway so it might be good for that only. We have a few regulars who aren’t subscribed and use just the forums only.

    Anyway. enjoy TextFugu, and here’s a toast to the Tofugu team finally completing the long-awaited promise of EtoEto..


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