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    You can also look at IMBAI: https://www.imabi.net/

    It’s a bit disorganized looking but full of information.

    This place is a wasteland :(


    An update to my reply to Siobhan about Anki:

    It looks like you can’t sync your cards directly with Anki 2.0 anymore. So now what you have to do is get both Anki 2.0 and the latest version of Anki 2.1 (which you can download at Anki’s mainpage, https://apps.ankiweb.net). When you open the 2.1 version, it’ll sync the cards on your computer with AnkiWeb. Then, when you want to import a .anki file, go to your 2.1′s File > Switch Profile and click Downgrade & Quit, and then you’ll be able to open your synced cards in 2.0 and import your new .anki cards.


    I joined in 2011. Every year or so I remember TextFugu exists and come back to have a look. Yup, this and EtoEto are still as dead as ever. Koichi is still taking money from people on the back of lofty promises that hold no weight.

    I know he says continually promising things is a bad idea, but if EtoEto was still actually being worked on, I reckon there’d at least be a yearly update Tweet to say “Yes, we’re still working on it”. This makes me think it’s also been abandoned. He got Viet to create WaniKani, and since Viet actually seems competent, it turned into a success and he doesn’t need to bother with the other stuff anymore.



    I heard that they were actually working on something; I emailed them a while ago, and they said that they’re not directly working on EtoEto, but on something similar. They won’t say anything further until they have something more solid to announce, though.
    Not holding my breath, but it would be nice to see something come together.


    There is an Anki addon 175027074 that’s supposed to fix this and enable using old decks but it just returns an error for me.



    How disappointing… I’m not gonna buy anything else from Koichi; “lifetime subscription” or not. Seems like he starts way more projects than he finishes… at least he’s keeping this site up and “functional” so we can get what we paid for… even though it’s less than we had in mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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