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    So when do you think you can complete JLPT N5, after which lessons/seaons?

    And which JLPT do you think you will be able to pass(if any) after doing all the current avalible material on TextFugu.

    I guess the material isn’t really made for completing any test, but I am curious :P



    I don’t think you’ll be able to complete any jlpt because the way kanji is shown is out of order。But alot easier^.^. Grammer-wise… I’m not sure.



    Honestly, N4 N5 are really not worth it. The exam fee is pretty high now, especially if you fail. Even if you pass N4,N5 doesn’t mean a whole lot. Even N3 is maybe not worth it. Its 90 AUD here. Which is almost 100 USD, and many people have to travel quite a long way to get there.


    I still think that is a nice way to actually get a confirmation of your skill.
    I know N4 & N5 almost mean nothing, but some day in a long time I should be able too pass N2 – which is the one who gives you access to a whole lot :)


    I’ve heard (from Khatzumoto, I believe) that to pass, you just need to practise taking the test, rather than practise your JAPANESE for the test. The certificate shows that you are adept at sitting JLPT ;)

    Just one guy’s opinion though.
    Hmmm… it would probably be better if I just post the link to his article on it.

    …which I don’t have time to look for atm >.< Sorry.



    Most tests just show how good you are at taking tests. Especially when they are multiple choice tests (which the JLPT is).

    I actually took the N4 last december, and am probably going to take the N3 this winter. I do not study specifically for the JLPT test, but my study material expands far beyond just that of textfugu. Don’t get my wrong, it’s a great site, but I just think to have a well rounded Japanese education, you need a variety of sources.

    That being said, my goal for Japanese has not changed since I came to Japan. My primary goal is communication. Understanding and being able to speak come first, but I have since realized kanji is important in its own right.

    Long story short, my advice, take it if you want to, but don’t study specifically for it. If you only study for it, it is useless as a gauge of your ability.



    The JLPT is a waste of time and money, in my opinion. Your money is better spent on something else like Japanese books or movies. It’s better to talk to real people and learn from your mistakes. You can join Lang-8 if you haven’t already, or get a penpal here: http://www.japan-guide.com/local/?aCAT=2 You could look for local Japanese conversation groups in your area with http://www.meetup.com/ or look for people to talk to on Skype. And you get raw, natural Japanese, not Japanese you only see on the JLPT, and not in the real world. Haha, sorry for my rant. If you’re confident in your Japanese ability, then you don’t need to take the JLPT.



    Not a waste, it is a proof between US/JPN that you “are adept in Japanese”

    That being said, it has a bit of ‘impress’ value for when looking for work.

    Not wasteful, proactive.

    (Another “pal” site)


    (Which like lang-8, deals with many languages. However, the site can be buggy from time to time.



    JLPT N1 doesn’t prove you’re adept at Japanese at all lol. Many people have blogged about this from the perspective of Japanese companies. They use it as an easy way to cull off lots of potential employees and not much else.

    That said, I still think it’s a challenge and fun, but I can have way more fun for $90 than sitting a test. Then again I haven’t decided if I’m going to bother this year.



    Though the JLPT is not necessary, its a good motivator I think. After reading Danny Choo’s biographical blog post, I believe that the JLPT can serve as motivator as well as a guideline. There are times where you get to a point that you just don’t know what to do anymore and almost grasp at straws. Like me :D


    Read Danny Choo’s blog post as well, and that was where I got the idea of setting goals being to complete the JLPT.
    But after doing some research about the JPLT I have found out that TextFugu won’t be enough to complete any test, which is only because of the kanji :)
    After realising this, I have set a goal to complete TextFugu by the end of the year, and after that we will have to see what happens.
    Thanks for all the answers :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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