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    Michael – I’m reading おむすび弁当, a book about bento. It’s not nearly as hard as what Missing posted a photo of as it’s a how-to book with photos. :P  I understand a lot of it but not all. There are words in every paragraph that I don’t know. That’s part of what convinced me to finally start plugging through Core6000… I think my grammar knowledge has outstripped my vocab and that will only get me so far.

    When I read, I read it out loud or in my head, but actually trying to read the kanji and all the kana. I slow down on some kanji that I feel I should know and try to remember it from my RTK studies. That’s probably why it takes me so long, because I am not just reading through without stopping. However, I’m not stopping to look things up in a dictionary, just stopping to try to remember what I recognize I’ve seen before.

    Yesterday’s pace is the same as tonight’s – 2 pages in 15 minutes. Hopefully it’ll get faster.



    Actually lol’d at that missing, can’t be a srs book.


    That looks a pretty cool book, Bbvoncrumb; where did you get it?

    Thanks missingno15 for posting that excerpt .

    Winterpromise31, how far through Core 6000 are you now? I’m betting you’ll be able to whizz through the first few hundred at least, since they’re all really easy ones at the start :D I guess if you don’t stop to look things up while you’re reading, you can get into a kind of “flow” – I experienced that recently with one of my short stories: the character made a huge revelation, and I just wanted to keep reading and reading to find out what happened next; blitzed through a page pretty quickly even though I didn’t know some of the words, just guessed what they meant in context and similarly for the grammar :D



    Michael – I just started it late last week and I’ve seen the first 67 cards. lol. I’m trying to keep my Anki reviews around 30 minutes/day so that I have time to read and study grammar. My sentence deck is the biggest of my personal decks but I also have the most fun with it. I’m going out of town for 5 days next month and don’t want to bury myself in reviews while I’m gone… I hope to move through Core 6000 at a decent pace but not kill myself like I did with RTK. That was a disaster toward the end. How far are you in the Core 6000 deck? When did you start it?

    Thanks for sharing your reading experience! That sounds exciting!



    not sure if srs either


    In Core 6000, I’ve seen 3059 cards so far and I started doing it August 2011. Considering I ploughed through several hundred of those cards right at the start because I knew them already, I’m going SUPER slow :( Massive stretches where I don’t add any new cards interspersed with bursts of “25/day for several days in a row” here and there. I really have terrible motivation.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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