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    Drew Parlow

    はじめまして! My name is Drew and I am a 13 year old Living in Kentucky. I am learning Japanese because I am interested in the Japanese culture and would like to visit Japan someday; I also just wanted to learn a language (You next, Italian!). Living in the KY, I was very surprised to find someone (who is in 2 of my classes) who actually speaks Japanese. I don’t want to really tell her I’m leaning it for the sake of not being ridiculed by other kids (I am already being quasi-bullied for being the school’s smartest yet most socially awkward kid). I was pondering actually telling her in order to get speaking practice in and it will be a great help. I would like to see what you guys think about that.

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. I have had this textbook since September (I admittedly haven’t been using it that much; I was using WaniKani most of the time but I plan to get back on this.), however I haven’t told you guys about me. Here are some things about me:

    1)I am autistic (Asperger’s to be more precise)
    2)I don’t learn languages very well but I read at a 14-15th grade level in English literature

    3)I HATE learning Vocab. I could use some study tips as I don’t study in school but still maintain high grades (hence I didn’t need to learn how to study)

    4)I love music and play the piano (If you want, I can link a video of me playing)

    5)Tying back to the love of music, Japanese music (I was introduced through Vocaloids and Alice by 古川本舗 is one of my favorite songs in general) is what got me in to Japanese culture and learning the language

    Okay, I am pleased to have introduced myself, and you all have a nice day!

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    Hi Drew,

    welcome to Textfugu. I hope learning Japanese is equally easy for you as your previous academic successes.




    Drew Parlow

    Thank you for the kind words, Mister mtb812. I’ll try.



    Aspergers here too. I never thought I was good at learning languages (have done Italian, French and Chinese at various times at school and remember almost none of them) but I seem to be doing fairly well at Japanese.

    Being able to get in speaking practice would be a great help. My weakest area is listening by far, and I’m sure getting more practice in would have helped there…

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