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    I need a dictionary that shows me the JLPT level of a word just like Tagaini Jisho does, but it has to be on a website and not a program. It doesn’t matter if it shows anything aside from the JLPT level since that’s all I’m interested in. If any of you know of such a website, please link it here :)



    Google it? =P

    Dunno if it’s any good, but a Google search for “JLPT dictionary” turned up http://www.jlptdictionary.com as the first result…


    Finally you got to say that to me :P
    Thank you Joel, I did look around for it but couldn’t find it. I see now that it’s easy to find in the English google, but I was using the Japanese google ^^;



    One might argue that people studying for a test in Japanese proficiency might not be proficient enough just yet to use the Japanese Google. Certainly not if they’re N5 or N4, in any case.


    Using Japanese Google? Yeah, cause so many native Japanese people take JLPT…



    He probably means he set google to search for Japanese results instead of English and forgot it was like that


    Apparently I need to clarify this…
    I use google in Danish, English and Japanese. They all have uses for me, since the different googles leave out search results/order differently. My browser default is Japanese so I tend to use that more than I should. When searching for this particular thing I just wrote in my address field and used that to search for the dictionary. The result from that didn’t show any helpful results, and I didn’t think about using the English one.

    You might say the Japanese dictionary hasn’t got any uses, but I use it for quite a few things – mostly related to 48G and 2ch though :P

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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