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    In one of the examples of  ときどき it says:

    ときどき ワイン を すこし のみます
    sometimes drink a little wine


    Why is it  ときどき ワイン を すこし のみます?
    Why is it not すこし ワイン を ときどき のみます?

    I just thought by guess that it would be that way.  :P What would the second sentence sound like if translated into English? Please explain this grammar point to me.  I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advanced!



    Or, wait . . .

    Does that sentence have a comma after ときどき?Like:

    ときどき、ウィン を すこし のみます。

    Sometimes, I drink a little wine.



    Most of the time the order of words in a sentence doesn’t matter as long as the sentence ends with an implied state of being(だ、です、でございますなど) or a verb. Sentence order isn’t as important as in English ^^.

    Therefor the sentence you made essentially mean  the same, and are both grammatically correct. That said, 時々ワインを少し飲みます。 sounds better to me.



    When it comes to adverbs, they’re quite flexible in English too.

    “Sometimes I drink a little wine”
    “I sometimes drink a little wine”
    “I drink sometimes a little wine”
    “I drink a little wine sometimes”




    But… that’s not an AKB48 picture. Are you feeling ok, missing?



    Thank you Google and Textfugu forums lol. I was thinking the same thing since the lessons, up until this point, really seemed to focus on where to place things like adverbs within a sentence; even going so far as to say we should think of the adverb+verb as one word.

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