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    Hello everyone!

    I have been working on my hiragana for about a month now, I am trying to spend a week or more on each set and reviewing the previous weeks set. I have the first fifteen down (I am old school, so I have to write each character to help me hardwire them). I am also moving forward and back in the Textfugu lessons as well. My question is, in your experience, how long did it take you to learn each set and how did you go about it?




    I learned hiragana in a week. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be taking a month to learn hiragana. All I did was use http://www.realkana.com and when I think I got used to a set, I would move onto a next set then add the one I just previously studied along with the set I currently studied and repeated the process until I got all of them. Then I did the same for katakana.



    I learnt it in a week too. Just sat down and spent an afternoon learning them with mnemonics, then spent the rest of the week getting them seated good and proper with flash cards.



    Yeah I also learned it in a week haha. It was a 6 years ago, and I remember making my own flashcards with my colored sharpies.



    It shouldn’t take you so long to learn Hiragana. I would get the Hiragana 42 book if I was you. It uses mnemonics to teach the Hiragana and it’s really effective. I too only took a week to learn Hiragana.



    Hmmm. Maybe my approach has been too cautious and too measured and I should try and knock out the remaining characters in the next two weeks.



    OK, reading the above some more, I am working on altering my study habits. When those of you who said you learned your H in a week, what was the mean amount of time you put into learning it each day? I am not looking for a magic formula, just trying to get a feel for how other people learned and what methods they used. (I ask because I remember spending hours upon hours learning Cyrillic script and I am applying those half-remembered lessons now, and I am trying to incorporate other methods.) To my credit I got those fist 20 Hiragana down cold, yo. ^_^


    I learned hiragana and katakana using Anti and just practicing writing them in a notebook. The realkana website and the hiragana drag and drop game also helped. I spent about 30-40 minutes on it daily in between doing other stuff. While it took a lot longer to be confident about reading and writing it, I definitely could recognize most of the kanas when seeing them within a few days.



    It took me about two weeks, learning usually five per day, spending maybe half an hour a day writing them and using realkana.
    I constantly drilled myself, though. Trying to remember each kana and their sounds in my head whenever i could. I even drew them on the fogged glass in the shower :)

    I suppose i could have done more than five a day, but at the time i was worried i would just overdo it and not remember anything by the next day.

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    Thanks for you input! I am the same, afraid I will overdose and then not remember the first five by the time I finish the combined column.

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