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    I’m new to Anki – finding a little tricky to get my head around especially as there seems to be the old and new versions. I guess with further use I will get my head around it.

    Does anyone have the $25 app? Does it make using anki more streamlined? I love the idea of being able to use it on my phone or ipad rather than on my desktop. I just used the sync feature and it seemed to go okay but to use on my ipad I have to open a safari page and load it.

    Would love to hear what you all think and any anki tips wouldn’t go astray.

    Thanks so much.



    I think it’s well worth it. I’ll never again be bored waiting for a train. Streamlined; yes. Never had any peoblems with synchronization.

    BTW, A new version has recently been released, and I haven’t updated yet.



    Thanks for that.




    Hi Sheila and welcome to Textfugu.  I just upgraded to Anki2.  I’m using it on my iphone, ipad and laptop.  As you realised by now, it is not very easy to use, but it gets easier with practise.  I hated spending $25 on an app, but no choice… If you upgrade to Anki2 you need to follow the directions closely.  Basically though: don’t delete the old Anki from your computer, download anki2, make sure the old anki program is not running, install anki2, open the anki shortcut (it’s the same as the old anki short cut… that confused me a bit as the directions said make sure the old anki is not running.).  Then, after the desktop version is working log in to the new ankiweb website (same as old site but https).  Then go back to the desktop version and synch it with ankiweb.  The whole process takes about an hour and a half so don’t start unless you have the time.  Now you can finally download the anki2 app.  Sync the app with ankiweb (keep remote) and then you are in business.  Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.




    I’ve been using the iOS app for a few months now, and I’m pretty happy with it. The old Anki 1.2 app was okay, but it had a tendency to be a little clunky at times. Still, it meant that 6AM reviews were easy. The new app, though? It’s pretty awesome. The interface is much smoother, syncing works *much* better (though that’s true for the desktop version too), and you can edit cards in the app now, which is very convenient at times. Also, Anki 2 also has fancy graphs, and everyone loves fancy graphs.



    Just upgraded. Wow it is awsome, and the audio has appeared! (never bothered with dropbox).

    Thanks for the instructions mtb812, you probably saved me an hour with that.


    Thanks for all those tips. I think I might get the ap!



    @Astralfox-I am happy the brief instructions helped…

    @Sheila-just so you know, even if you get the app you still need to use Anki desktop version to download&import the files from Textfugu.



    Just noticed something really good with the Anki2 app… I often read people recommend making your own sentence cards using parts of the lessons.  I decided to give it a try using Anki2.  The really good thing was; by right clicking on the play icon (audio) next to the sentence you want to copy, selecting copy from the drop down menu, then pasting it into the Anki2 audio space you get audio when you answer the sentences.  Basically the same thing that Textfugu has you download and import.


    i hope this is a stupid question that someone will be able to explain easily…
    just upgraded to anki 2. When i go to add new material to an existing deck, it just makes the new imported anki files (which i download from textfugu) into a new deck! How do you import files into an existing deck on anki 2? surely its more simple than im making it?




    Hi Tyler,

    I had the same problem at first, but now really prefer the new Anki. Just click and drag the newly created Anki deck into the deck you want it. Every new “mini deck” will appear below the main deck. The nice thing is if you are having problems with a certain group of kanji then those mini-decks can be studied individually.


    Ron Moses

    Sorry for being so late to the thread, but this seemed better than starting a new one.  Where I’m having trouble is translating the instructions given in the TextFugu video into Anki2; especially the timeboxing stuff, which doesn’t appear to exist in Anki2.  Anyone have an Anki2-specific setup tutorial?


    Avoid infestation. Rotate.


    Ron Moses, what I ended up doing was making a filtered deck. Go to Tools at the top, then Create Filtered Deck.


    I agree with Ron, Anki 2 seems completely different.. Is there still a Japanese support plugin for Anki 2? Also my audio from Textfugu does not seem to be working, though other decks are working..

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