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    Recently I recieved a lang-8 comment telling me that:
    映画は良かったです (えいが は よかった です)
    sounded unnatural

    He then replied wit this
    That was good.
    Thas was so good.

    What do you make of this message, and have you ever seen まぁまぁ before?
    How would you write “the movie was good”?



    まぁまぁ I believe is a sound, to add enthusiasm/joy.
    When I was translating Little Red Riding Hood in Japanese, when she tried on the cloak the neighbour said that she looked very cute in it but he was like “まぁ、かわいい赤ずきんだこと!” to add that he was pleased.


    Thanks Kaona, that might be it :)
    And didn’t you say you were going through season 1 in your introduction? Being able to translate a book is way beyond season 4, and maybe even beyond all current content.



    > What do you make of this message

    The comment is telling you that it is more natural to omit the subject of the sentence in this particular context, when people know what you are talking about. If you want to study the comment in detail, a good place to start would be with the と quoting particle.


    > How would you write “the movie was good”?

    The comment suggests two versions of the sentence that sound more natural. Those are the parts of the comment which are in brackets.


    Thanks for your comment JKL :) While I did get that he suggested 2 setences because my own setence, I didn’t get the part with omitting the subject :) Thanks :D I will skip ahead and learn about the と particel, it seems to be very usefull :)



    I’ve been learning Japanese for over 2 years and despite joining TextFugu way over a year ago I never got past Chapter 6 in Season 1. I’m mainly using TextFugu for extra information – not as my primary learning source.


    Ah understandable then:)
    Things like social learning are rarely tought in classes, so you might benefit from going through everything. Even if that isn’t the case, then you can just see it as reviewing.
    Good luck, and thanks for giving me a hand with this.



    Hehe, I think I’m quite bad at helping people. ^^”
    You’re welcome though and thanks. :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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