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    Server Address -
    Password – boundforTokyo



    I connected using the setting you mentioned at the start of this forum with the password boundforTokyo, and It says I connect successfully. It’s my first time using this so maybe I did something wrong.


    Yay. Perfect! I’m working nightshifts in Norway. And when there’s little to do I’ll hang on Teamspeak with you guys.

    Good initiative!!



    Just a note to would be joiners – Please don’t join and do one of a few things (which the majority of people seem to do):

    A) Come in, ask us how to learn Japanese, have me (90% of the time) explain the rather lengthy process of it to you, inevitably take none of it on board and log off and never come back. This… this is annoying.

    B) Come in, say nothing, leave. I’m not quite sure what you expected coming in.

    I have no problem helping people – I enjoy it. I have no problem including you in Japanese shows we watch together or talking about pretty much anything. I do have a problem with being used as a 21 questions box and then having you never come back. I also have a problem with people who, for some reason, ask questions and then deny or argue the response. Really, wtf did you want to hear?

    Please, come in. Enjoy it, talk about Japanese and Japanese shows or music. Idols and Comedians (I’m the J-TV/Comedian expert). Even type in Japanese. If you don’t see anyone in the team speak, it’s just the wrong time, come back in a few hours. We have people across 5+ different time zones so it’s hard to get a big group on at the same time. And above all else, come in open minded, willing to hear new ideas and willing to learn.


    Adam Kearns

    はじめまして、みなさん。(if I did that right =/ )
    I have just recently joined the Textfugu Group and am very adamant about learning 日本語 so you will most likely see me around the TS.

    Cya on the TS


    only 2 ppl on ;p



    I am being told the server is down. Not sure if it is genuinely down or if I’m doin it wrong.


    Wasif Asif

    Just signed up myself. I’ll flounder around at some point soon :)



    Hm I’ve been going on the past few days and no one seems to be on at all :/
    I’m in Germany but I try to go on where it would be the evening for the East Coast of the US but still nothing. Is this Teamspeak dead now or is it just my luck?



    I would go on if people were on i tried it and gave up after a week no one ever was on.



    Dylan Heble

    I hear crickets. :)

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    Does anyone still use this? I haven’t been on in a long long long time.

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