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    So I was browsing through the lessons and wondered if you can pass JLPT 5/4 with textfugu? Or do you have to study further?
    If you do have to study further, anyone got any websites, textbooks or other resources hat’ll help me pass JLPT 5?
    Thanks a bunch :)



    I reckon TextFugu’s enough for N5, but you’re going to need to practice listening a lot on your own. Maybe N4. I’ve decided to try for N3, personally, but after buying a study guide, I’m starting to think I may have rather overestimated my ability. Oh well…

    Anyway, I’ve been studying with an iOS flash card app called Sticky Study, which is quite handy, but you can also buy mounds and mounds of study books. If you’ve got a local Kinokuniya, it’s certainly worth trying there, but even if you don’t, maybe you can order them off the website. http://www.kinokuniya.com


    Nope it’s not enough for N4. You’ll need a lot of vocab and kanji knowledge not available on this site. I haven’t ever taken N5 so I don’t really know about that test, but from what I hear it’s a piece of cake to pass…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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