on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
よる + + +

Meaning: Night

A leader is wearing a lid and is standing outside in winter (plus it’s raining and he’s covered in drops of water. On top of all this, it’s night.

If it helps, you can come up with a reason why he’s outside in the winter at night. Also, why is he wearing a lid on his head? Probably because he’s protecting his people from something that comes at night.

Reading: や

Question is, what is he protecting them from during the night? Turns out, it’s the Yankees baseball team. They’re out for blood, and only the leader can protect us.

Imagine the Yankees stomping towards the leader, baseball bats in hand, blood on their faces. They’re here to eat, and nobody will stop them. Feel the fear of their approach. Will you survive another night with them on the prowl?


a夜(よる)= Night

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a今夜(こんや)= Tonight

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