5-Stroke Kanji, Last

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This is the last kanji section for 5-stroke! 0_0

I know you know what to do, so get to it.

Kanji Meaning 音 (on) 訓 (kun)
Guy, Dude n/i やつ
Giant きょ n/a
Pay n/i はら.い
Soup n/i しる
Sweet n/i あま.い
Crowded n/a こ.む
Bowl Of Food どん どんぶり
Scold n/i しか.る
Butt n/i しり

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Ultimate Vocab #9

After you study them for a bit, it’s time to take a little break and learn about being awesome.

By finishing this page you’ve learned the last of the 5-stroke kanji. How cool is that? Six stroke, coming up!

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