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    I abhor facebook, so thanks for the link! ^_^




    Kinda feel better about how I did than I thought I would – though whether that actually means anything is another matter. =P Now to sit around and twiddle my thumbs until next March…



    Did you pass?



    I won’t know until March.



    @_@! That’s terrible!

    I thought that might be the next time you could take it…



    No, the next time I can take it is next December.

    Though, if I feel like flying over to New Zealand, I can do it in July. I’ll be going to New Zealand on Thursday anyway. =P



    They only hold it once a year?



    Twice a year in some countries, but yeah.

    You want me to explain every step of the JLPT, or are you happy to just read the website? =P



    Just making conversation. :P


    Hi Joel. Glad to hear you did well despite feeling so unsecure at one point. I found the hardest part of the test to be the last part of listening – the part where you have to chose the right answer. Rest of it I felt pretty confident about so I think I will pass. Here’s hoping you will as well :D

    I will be doing N2 in 6 months, maybe you’ll join me? :P
    Sorry for the late response I’ve been very busy with work and arrange my upcoming trip to Japan.


    “I will be doing N2 in 6 months”
    Or so you think ;)


    What should convince me to not do it?


    I just meant that you don’t *know* whether you’ve passed N3 or not but sound certain you’ll be doing N2 when it comes around. I have every faith that you *will* pass though, don’t get me wrong. I doubt I’d even be able to do N3 in 6 months, my listening skills are that bad.

    I really want to improve my listening but it’s not easy. I thought I’d take a leaf out of your book, how you’re always watching AKBingo and related AKB48 stuff… at least I think you do haha. Since I really like the group Perfume, I thought I’d look to see if they have any similar shows; there was something called “Perfume Chandelier House”, but because I understood so little of it (and it seemed a bit cheesy), it didn’t provide the boost in motivation I’d hoped for. If you have any other suggestions (though preferably not including AKB48), I’m all ears :D


    I will be going to Japan this January staying with a host family for 6 months and attending a Japanese language school for a total of 400+ hours. Even if I don’t pass N3, N2 will be my goal. Having something to study for always helps me stay motivated :)

    I don’t always listen to 48G(AKB48 group) related stuff. It’s probably nothing more than a few hours every week. I have the TV-shows I always watch and then some radio here and there. I will be honest and admit I don’t watch much not related to 48G even though I should start doing so. So as for recommendations for non idol related content I don’t really have any.
    I would however always recommend watching shows with Japanese subs as a beginner/ lower intermediate learner. It gets much less frustrating to watch because you can understand a lot more by reading. And it will also allow you to pause a section you don’t understand well, look up what the subs say, replay it and see if you understand it this time around etc. If there are words you don’t understand, the combination of the kanji on screen and the audio should make you able to type out the word so you can look it up, and perhaps add it to Anki so it won’t bother you in the future.
    Variety shows often have a lot of Japanese subs, but of course you can also just add Japanese subs to a drama etc, though they often seem to tackle more difficult subjects than variety shows.

    Strictly speaking you said AKB48, so here’s a radio show I listen to weekly with NMB48 :P
    No specific topic so it’s easy to understand and always funny.

    Also, Michael feel free to add me on skype etc. Just write to my mail and I will reply you back.
    565a3dad@opayq.com (this mail forwards to my real mail)


    I’ve actually got 電車男 with Japanese subtitles already. I’ve only watched half an hour-long episode so far and I reeeally struggled >.< I literally had to pause the video on every subtitle, which made it feel less like watching a tv show and more like just reading a script… There were a few words I didn’t know but I think it was mostly the grammar and slang expressions/conjugations/sentence structures that made it so impenetrable. I’ll hopefully go back and watch some more once I’m off for xmas but the sheer difficulty doesn’t inspire too much motivation :P That’s why I kinda wanted something involving Perfume because I know I actually like them and I’m guessing they might keep me watching/listening.

    Last night I actually discovered there’s a radio show on Tokyo FM (maybe?) every Thursday for about 20 minutes called “Perfume LOCKS!” (yes, with an L). The good news is: they provide transcripts! The bad news is: obviously the transcripts can’t be released until the shows are over; I’ve no idea where I can listen to past shows so not sure if I can read the script and listen at the same time.

    Do you think it’d be a good idea to comb song lyrics for new vocab to add to Anki (once I’m done with Core6k, anyway)? Sometimes word choice and grammar in songs can be kinda weird; how would I go about determining whether a certain word is common or not? Some seemingly common words don’t always have a “common words” tag on jisho.org.

    Thanks for the advice! :D

    Also, I don’t really use Skype that often (if ever) – after the craze of using MSN Messenger in high school, I kinda migrated over to Facebook chat instead :P I really liked MSN/Windows Live Messenger but everyone else stopped using it so I had to as well.

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