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    I’ve noticed a few people who have come back to the board saying they started TF and then quit for whatever reason and now they’re back.

    Koichi-sama has stated that accountability can be a great motivator for following through your goals.

    As such, this thread will be for posting your TF progress. Particularly when you have completed a season.

    You can also add any comments about the season you finished, things that were difficult or too easy, problems you had understanding certain parts, or suggestions for people who will be doing that season soon.

    This will also enable you to find others on the board that are around the same level as you for potential study buddy purposes.

    So if you complete a season in TF come here and post about it!




    Finished everything a year ago.


    Come at me brow



    Finished like a year and a half ago



    If I started RTK before going to school… around July or August…

    A year and one month. Sorry had to continue.


    finished something like ½ a year ago or maybe a little more, it is not like I have a specific date. Also soon to be done with Tae Kim.



    For those who finished, at what level would you consider yourself to be after having just finished what’s on TF?



    No idea what I was then, I’m going from my N2 books pretty well right now.



    Just finished Season 2. Gonna start Season 3 after I finish marathoning through a J-drama I’m watching (Youkai Ningen Bem), and then get right back at it.

    I’m surprised to see how many people already finished TF…I’m just hoping that once I’m done with what’s on here, that I can still manage studying on my own, because I am all sorts of terrible at self-study if I don’t have some sort of guide. I’m thinking I still have a way’s to go though, so I’m not gonna worry about that til I get to it.



    I just started season 4 and have reached that wonderful spot where you realize, even after feeling you’ve learned a lot, you also realize there’s a looooong way to go – and it’s not going to stay new and exciting always. Ah well, gotta work myself through it. Japanese is not the first foreign language I’ve learned, so it’s not a big surprise to me, but it still takes quite a big amount of willpower to get past it. :)

    Anyway, so far what have bothered me the most are the ~5 pages of verbs/adjectives I had to learn before even being able to read on. I don’t mind spending time on building a vocabulary at all, but it’s a little bit tough when you can’t really read on a lot “in between” – I really appreciate diversity when learning.

    I share your concern, Bethany. It’s a lot easier when you have Koichi to tell you what to do. ;)



    I’m currently into Season 3, and just got hit by the 150 or so Katakana words. @_@

    Even though they are fairly easy to pick up, it’s a bit overwhelming.

    I originally put them in my TF Vocab deck like Koichi says on the site, but I changed my mind and decided to put them in their own deck so they don’t bog down the vocab deck in sheer numbers. I think this will also help my brain separate these words from native Japanese words, so when I am working on the English to Japanese version of the cards, I realize it’s just a Katakanazation  of the word.




    I did the same thing. My vocab deck was getting too cluttered, so I made separate decks for the katakana vocab and the kanji vocab. Everything is a lot more tidy and organised now.



    I got to the katakana words just when I was going on a trip to England, so I just synced Anki with my phone and brought it along. I think I went through about 20 new words each day and when I returned home I’d been through all of them without much effort… But I guess taking a trip to England every time you have to learn new vocab may be… impractical. ;)



    I’ve also just finished season 2. It took me a lot of time to get here, mostly because of the kanji, and because I’m lazy. It was a little bit hard for me to remember them, and I didn’t want to continue to the next set of kanji before I knew the previous set. That’s why I’ve started with wanikani also.
    I’m glad I’m done with that season.
    And thanks for the tip separating the katakana from the vocab deck. I’ll do just that. :)



    Finishing up Season 3 and took a peek at Season 4.


    Oh my! I have great respect for the students that have finished this very difficult season.

    No more sentences for Anki?

    Well, nothing big planned for the next…several months…Ok, on to the な adjectives… @_@



    @ Tang

    Season 4 is a step up in difficulty from the previous 3, however Season 5 is when you will really notice the bar being raised. You begin to learn casual speech among other grammar points.

    As for the sentences, I and probably others here have just copy and pasted the example sentences in the lessons and added it to our own custom Anki decks. This is good for retaining what you have learnt and creating your own sentences is very rewarding too. Lang-8 is a good site to start posting your own content on.

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