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    Already finished the whole Textfugu and kanji, doing Wanikani right now



    Thx Kanjiman, I’ll copy and paste the sentences and I see that by right clicking the play button and choosing “save link as…”  I can get the audio file to add to the card too! ^_^



    Ben Reilly

    Finished Season 2 today and will now be starting 3. Glad to be warned that it’ll get more intense—I’m really enjoying what I’ve been doing thus far.

    For those of you who’ve finished, do you have any tips or want to share your experience with The Dip and how you kept going? Thanks!



    I’m currently getting all the い adjectives from Season 4 memorised, it was a little bit daunting at first but I’m getting there now.

    One thing I’ve noticed recently is that I’m recognising a lot more words in tv shows and songs than I was even just a month ago.



    @ Tang

    Not all the sentences have audio unfortunately. For the ones that don’t, you could copy the sentence into Google translate and click the speaker button so a native speaker will read it out, and then download the audio and put it into anki.  I haven’t been too impressed with it though as sometimes they speak too fast.

    @ Ben

    The more difficult it gets, the more satisfaction you get from learning :)

    @ Neil

    It’s very rewarding when you start to recognize words out in the wild. Makes you feel you’re making progress.



    That google translate’s a good idea. And if it seems too fast maybe that’s good because it’ll train your ear better, unless it’s unnaturally fast and thus incoherent…



    Just got to the は verses が page in Season 3.

    “Japanese students go years not really understanding the differences between these two particles, mostly because very few resources take the time to explain it (or they just don’t know how to). I’m hoping, though, that by the time you reach the end of this chapter you’ll at least understand them both. From there, you’ll learn more and more how to use them properly.”

    God I hope so, this was one of the biggest confusion points I had learning previously. I rarely got the two confused because I would memorize the types of sentences that you used one or the other, but I really had no solid idea of why. Of course I heard the difference between subject marker and topic marker, but I was still pretty clueless.



    Just finished Season 1! Maybe not the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, but i’m looking forward to the benefits of continuing my studies.



    Here’s another txt to speech site:


    Choose Japanese of course then choose the speaker, I prefer Show, the male speaker. You can also control the speed. Using Audacity I can capture the sound.



    This thread seems like a good thread.  Hopefully It can help keep me accountable.  Like Boeding I have only completed season one.  I finished it a few months ago and knew I wanted a lifetime membership so I waited until I could justify affording the purchase.  I will be spending 30 min a day on my studies, more when I can but never less.

    Thanks for the tips about splitting the vocab decks.  I’ll make use of that when I get there.  Anyway I’m off to start season two.  Hopefully it wont be too long before I come back to say I’ve completed season two.



    I finished Textfugu a few days ago except for the Emi stuff which won’t take too long since most of it is vocab and grammar covered in the 7 seasons.

    Textfugu has proven to be a great base to work off on in studying Japanese. I’ve certainly learned a lot from it and will probably still go back to it for refreshers when I forget anything. There is still a lot left to learn but Textfugu has helped me figure out good study habits and good ways to go about finding more things to learn.

    I’m not sure what to think of my ‘skill’ in Japanese. I guess technically I should be “intermediate” after all this. I can understand all the sentences on Textfugu well but considering how little I really know when venturing out into the great Japanese wild, I feel it’s still low. All that means though is I need more, more Japanese.



    Grats Clement!





    Thanks for sharing, Clement. I figured that would be the case, but it’s nice to hear from someone who is actually there (at the end of TF). I hope I’ll be able to continue to find motivation after I finish TF :)


    S C

    I just joined TF yesterday.  I’ve got a few years of off and on learning under my belt, but I’m quite rusty.  Using Tofogu’s 100 top Japanese resources brought me here.  I signed up for the lifetime membership.

    I’ve read most of the motivational speels in season 1, but I haven’t ventured too far beyond that.  I basically got to the hiragana part and stopped.  I’ve been using iknow.jp (formerly last.fm) and it’s been working great.  I quickly re-mastered hiragana in about 2.5-3 hours and I’m guessing it’ll take me around the same time, or a little longer for katakana.  Once I’m finished katakana I’ll continue on with TF and the seasons.

    I’ve got a fractured jaw currently, so I’m voraciously devouring anime and all things Japanese.  I look forward to brushing up my grammar and getting back to the point where I used to be.  I expect I’ll be using iknow for vocab building a lot too, but I suppose I haven’t explored enough on TF to find out just how effective their training methods are.  So far iknow seems to be doing quite well for me, but I’ll definitely be using both!  Anki sounds interesting too, and I expect I’ll be using that in the future, as well as other tools.

    @kanjiman: Someone earlier had mentioned “Audacity,” which is a great, free audio editing tool.  When you download audio snippets from google translation, you could input them into audacity and slow down the speed of the audio in there.  That way you can add it to your regime and later on increase the speed as you get better.

    IMO, if anyone is going to Japan, I would highly suggest getting something like Pimsleur (Japanese) and practicing it quite a bit.  I found a lot of the conversations in it quite useful when I was in Tokyo.

    I look forward to using TF and I’m glad to see a thread like this pop up to help motivate everyone!

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    I haven’t done it nor will I, but I can’t help but assume slowing down speech will distort pronunciation.

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