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    Season 7 is finished… much much easier than 4 & 5. がんばって‼


    Ben Reilly

    Re: previous discussions, I don’t find that I need to know why something works, nor have I traditionally needed to know it through my schooling (for context, I’m in grad school). However, I’m certain that this depends on the person, so

    In other news, I finished Season 5 at the end of October was too busy and distracted (finishing my Master’s thesis; hooray, etc.) to either post here or continue on to Season 6. But now I am doing both!

    Season 5 was definitely the thickest of the seasons so far. I feel, though, that I’m getting better at learning new vocabulary and kanji: I often find that about 60-70% of new kanji and vocab I learn and remember very quickly (within a few days) and soon forget their mnemonics since I no longer need them.

    However, I still feel that I need more practice with the grammar. I figure I’ll try to sit down and practice conjugating verbs so that it comes a bit more naturally. Then I also find it interesting to try to mix the various grammar concepts to see how they combine to create more complex sentences: ideally, then, I’d go to Lang-8 to get them corrected. Does anyone else have other methods worth trying?



    For verb conjugations try this deck.

    Just edit the template with br’s to make it more readable.



    I just finished Season 2.

    For the most part it was fairly simple stuff, easy vocabulary and grammar points so I can’t complain too much. Though the thing I’m having the most trouble with at this point is remembering the on’yomi reading of the Kanji thus far and what I ran into when I attempted Pimsleur which is that I get tongue tied on either long sentences (that have a word ending in  and immediately following with the particle ) or “altered” pronunciations (3600 is a good example).

    Other than that though, I’m glad I’ve found something that I can actually tell is helping me progress in my studies.


    Silver Fen

    Just finished season 1 and signed up for TextFugu for real.  I’m starting season 2, and hopeful for the future!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is learning Japanese because “I just wanna.”  I always feel like my answer to “Why are you learning Japanese?” sounds a little lame, or maybe gives the impression that I’m not serious about my learning.  For me, the enjoyment I get from something is the entire reason I do it.  If I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, I wont do it.  So, since Japanese brings me many smiles, even when it is making me bang my head on the wall, I can guarantee it is here to stay.



    I’m also new here and just like Silver Fen I completed season 1 and decided to sign up for the following seasons!



    Welcome to the both of you. Be sure to post lots of questions. Part of Textfugu’s strength is the community. Just about everyone here has been where you’re going. We’ve all got some experience, advice, or resource that may save you time and effort.



    I’ve not been updating in this thread much at all, but I’m here to report that after 6 months I have completed season 8 of Textfugu!

    It probably helped that I abandoned kanji and kanji vocab here in favor of WaniKani, but nonetheless, here I am.

    This wasn’t my only resource but it’s crazy how much I’ve improved since June. Thanks Koichi!



    I just finished Season 1 and then purchased the 50% lifetime subscription. I went through Season 1 quickly because I took two years of Japanese in high school and luckily I remembered almost all of the hiragana. Hopefully I’ll be able to progress through the rest of the seasons at a healthy pace. SO excited.


    Likewise – I’ve finished Season 1 and am cracking on with Season 2, thanks to the half-price sale!

    For anyone who’s interested – I’m using Memrise to store my vocab etc instead of Anki. Has anyone else tried this?



    Just thought I would let everyone know I finished season 3! I started about a month and a half ago and I feel pretty good about the pace I am learning.

    I am using a couple other things for learning as well, Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. TextFugu is by far the best of the three, but the other two help solidify everything. I also have a lifetime sub at wanikani and gakuu, but I think I will wait until after I finish chapter 5 to check those out.

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    Hey Solmors, don’t wait for 5 to do that WaniKani. There is no lifetime sub for WaniKani, only monthly or yearly. So get started before your year runs out!



    Are you sure about the no lifetime, Phillip? When I go to my subscription at wanikani it says lifetime (http://i.imgur.com/6VP6K.png).

    The reason I was planning to wait to start it then is because I have heard that season 4 and 5 are full of vocab, so I will probably be struggling to just keep up with that.

    Edit: I just took a look at it, the study lessons are pretty cool. I think I might use it now, but just to keep up with TF and reinforce what I have learned there.

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    TextFugu and WaniKani have different membership models.

    With Textfugu, Season 1 is free and no account is needed to view the content. However Season Two on wards requires either a monthly subscription or a one off payment for a lifetime membership.

    With WaniKani, you need to make an account regardless if you subscribe or not. The first two levels are free, but after that you need to either subscribe monthly or yearly to view the premium levels which begin at level three. Although technically correct, It’s a bit misleading by Koichi to call an account a lifetime one as it causes confusion. So seeing as your plan type says free, you will have to pay to unlock the premium levels.



    Yep.  Kanjiman8 speaks the truth. There’s only two plans available, as you can see here.

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