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    Hello fellow Fugu’ers,

    I’ll be travelling to Japan in May and for that purpose I want to purchase a sim card for mobile internet access. I did this already in 2012 when I first went to Japan and it worked really well.
    The problem is, the page to order the sim (which must be sent to a Japanese address, i.e. the hotel I stay at) is obviously completely written in Japanese and I have a hard time filling out the order form.
    Last time, I had found a page where someone had translated and explained the form, sadly that page seems to be gone.

    So I’d like to ask for your help, please!
    To get to the form (don’t worry, you can easily access it without entering any of your own information), go to this page, hit all the “OK” buttons at the bottom, then hit the Credit Card button. On the following page, click the button next to the 2,980 Yen option.

    I’m having trouble with the first part of the form, the latter (credit card info, email address) seems clear enough.

    My interpretation so far:
    1. Name: Last name, first name
    2. I don’t know the exact term, but it’s like a zip code, just much more exact and specific to the address
    3. Shipping address: What goes in which line?
    4. ???
    5. Preferred delivery time -> Doesn’t really matter, so I guess it’s the first option?
    6. Phone number?
    7. Credit Card Type
    8. Card number
    9. Security code
    10. Expiration date
    11. Card owner’s name as written on the card
    12. Number of Payments? I think I’d pick the “1″ option here?
    13 + 14: E-Mail

    I’m thankful for any kind of help.



    1. Name
    2. Postal code – postcodes in Japan have seven digits, of the form XXX-XXXX. It also wants you to write the number in half-width digits.
    3. Shipping address: first box is the street address – the words in the brackets underneath are an example. Second box is company/organisation/university/etc (not required). Third box is department/division/section/etc (also not required). When you enter a post code, this section fills itself in automatically, pretty much.
    4. Preferred delivery date. Most of the text on the right is expansions and clarifications – like “if you’re in a mountain region or on an island, faster delivery times may not be possible. Earthquakes will slow things down” et cetera. You need to enter a post code before the pull-down menu becomes active.
    5. Preferred delivery time. Yes, first option is “none specified”. Note says “delivery may be delayed in the event of traffic, severe weather or natural disaster”.
    6. Contact phone number – again, half-width characters.
    7. Payment method (fixed as “credit card” because that’s what we selected before).
    8. Card type
    9. Card number (half-width, don’t use hyphens)
    10. Security code (half-width). Text is basically instructions on how to find it, with a note saying if it’s illegible, contact the card issuer. If your card doesn’t have one, call the b-mobile help dest.
    11. Expiration date (please enter as written on the card)
    12. Name on card, in half-width English letters.
    13. Number of payments (has to be 1 for AmEx or Diners’ Club). Yeah, I’m not sure of the function of this – does it split your payment into installments?
    14. E-mail address (half-width)
    15. Confirm e-mail address (half-width)

    Not sure why all the insistence on half-width characters.

    Also, yay for going to Japan. What are you going for? Holiday? Study? Post pictures for us. You keeping a travel blog? =)



    Thank you VERY much for your help! This should be sufficient to order the sim card.

    I can also highly recommend this option for anyone going to Japan for a short-ish time. b-mobile offers a “visitor sim” but that’s limited to 14 days which might be too short for most people. This one I’m trying to buy is good for 30 days and the coverage for mobile internet is really really good in Japan. Note: You’ll need a Japanese cell phone to activate this sim. Last time, we rented a phone from our hotel (for 1 hour basically) and called the activation hotline, after that the sim can be inserted in any compatible device.

    To answer your question: it’ll be my second holiday trip to Japan. My boyfriend and I went there in September 2012 and we enjoyed it a lot, so this year we’re going again (with one week in Hong Kong prior to spending 3 weeks in Japan). We’ll be staying in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kyoto and Osaka.
    I was actually planning to blog about it, and I can surely post the entries here for anyone who’s interested :)



    It’s no problem. When I went in 2010, I took my old Nokia brick, which couldn’t pick up 3G, and wouldn’t charge off 110 volts. Hah.

    I’m always interested in reading people’s travel blogs. =) We’ve even got a Have You Blogged About a Trip to Japan? thread as well, but I don’t think anyone’s posted to it for ages…



    Oh, I’ll go ahead and link last time’s blog entries there :D
    Looked over your storybook as well, so much content! Makes me nostalgic and also enforces the impression that even though we went there for 3 weeks, we didn’t see nearly as many great things as we could’ve.



    Makes me nostalgic and also enforces the impression that even though we went there for 3 weeks, we didn’t see nearly as many great things as we could’ve.

    Oh yeah, I so hear that…

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