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    If I remember correctly, Cassandra aka winterpromise31 and her husband were adopting a child from… some Chinese-speaking country, so she was giving up Japanese for the meantime to start learning Mandarin. She said she’d still lurk the forum a little but I haven’t seen her post in a while.

    No idea where Sheepy is, though I heard he went to live in the mountains.

    To be honest, now that Bbvoncrumb posts here only every few months, the forum doesn’t really *need* moderation ;)

    As for the new video-making girl, she did one on her own and she was kept looking at her tablet while she was speaking, to remember what to say. The video had jump cuts – as so many vloggers do these days – but they didn’t think to put them where she was looking at her notes haha. She was just all round awkward, especially in the videos with Koichi. Tbh, I’ve no idea what made them hire her.



    Oh yeah, I remember Cassandra saying that now. Seems like a long time ago.

    Agreed, there’s nothing to moderate here really :D

    Yikes, that is pretty bad for a video. Probably for the best it came to an end quickly. I don’t think we’ll see any decent Tofugu videos. At least not for a while.



    I’m still alive, too!
    Long time no see, TF~


    Revenant’s alive, yay! How’s it going? :D



    Doing fine, been slacking with my japanese studies lately.
    I wanna get my motivation back~


    Yeah, I’m pretty much the same. But then you could say I’ve been slacking with my Japanese studies ever since I started, not *just* lately ;)



    She was just all round awkward, especially in the videos with Koichi. Tbh, I’ve no idea what made them hire her.

    I think I could guess. ;)



    So is there any tidbit about an Updates Update Update somewhere I overlooked it perhaps?



    The last update from Koichi on http://blog.textfugu.com/ was on 18th November last year. However, Aikibujin says he somtimes posts on the WaniKani forums and provides updates here and there. I don’t actually use WK so have no idea what the current situation is at this moment in time.



    This is the old updates thread.

    I posted a new updates thread here:


    What’s listed there is the last mention of specifics on the update that I’m aware of.

    I use WK, but there are a ton of posts that are made over there in just as many different threads and when the staff do mention updates they are likely to be made in some random thread that has nothing to do with updates or TF at all, so most users will completely miss them. You just have to hope that another user who has seen it will mention it at some point in a thread that you actually are reading.

    I read every thread here, but no way do I have the time to do the same over there, so I only read threads that look interesting or if it might seem like I can actually help out, but there are so many more advanced learners over there, I’m generally not needed for that.

    That was only a couple months ago, so I am guessing it will be at least another 4 months or so before there will been enough new work done to warrant another look at it. I can tell that Viet is still working on the CMS due to his interactions (or lack there of) at WK.


    The WK forum sounds good. I don’t actually want to *use* WK, though.



    Yeah I would recommend signing up for WaniKani just for the forums alone, as that’s free, even if you never decide to subscribe, as there are a lot of advanced students over there.



    join us! join us! join us! jooooooiiin us!


    actually i don’t have time for the forums much anymore. this forum is easier to keep track of ;)

Viewing 13 posts - 46 through 58 (of 58 total)

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