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  • If you want to make your own keyboard write like it was a Japanese keyboard, then you can expand your language toolbar -> switch to Japanese -> click the little “kana” symbol to the right.

    Now your keyboard write exactly the same way as the “real” Japanese keyboard. This is pretty hard to get used to, and I can’t really recommend it.

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    Starting second year in college.
    Would wish that I could learn Japanese at my college, but sadly I can’t :(
    I will be studying Japanese here on TextFugu, along with everything else :) Hope I have enough time!

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    about adds. You can install Ad-block plus for firefox(free add-on) which will remove all adds. You will no longer see adds on any site, not even in the start of youtube videos or on crunchyroll. This also blocks banners and all that stuff :P havn’t seen an add the last 3 years that I have had it installed :)
    Can only recommend it.

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    Watching Clannad third time around :P that anime is so epic

Viewing 4 posts - 856 through 859 (of 859 total)