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    I stayed there over half a year on a working holiday visa while attending language school so everything was paid for by me. Wish I could’ve gotten a scholarship of some sort to pay it all.

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    Yeah it’s an auto hotkey script(doesn’t get much simpler which is why I can use it). It can be run directly from a .txt document and is a very easy way to automate task on your computer. It is pretty simple and is mainly used to simulate key strokes, mouse moves, clicks etc.. But also has a lot of other functions.

    This script will be hard to customize for other computers since many parameters are awfully specific. For example the coordinates of mouse clicks will be different if you have another resolution than me, and I use 16:10 which isn’t very common. It also requires you to use firefox – some hotkeys I used in the script won’t work in other browsers. And on top of that you’d also need to customize your anki/script so everything matches.
    I added a lot of error messages though so finding out where things go wrong should be fairly easy.

    I am not going to explain the script, but below is the hotkeys used to run it. You can look up all the commands I used on

    The hotkeys are:
    alt+s starts everything necessary to run the script. Firefox if not already opened, tabs in the correct orber and tagaini jisho.
    alt+f opens an inputbox to look up a word

    The following three hotkeys copy what is marked to a specific field of anki and returns the mouse the the position it was at when it copied.
    alt+z top field(kanji)
    alt+x middle top(hiragana
    alt+c middle bottom(example sentence)
    alt+v bottom(meaning)

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    That radio show sounds like a great resource especially when it has a script. It’s about finding something that interest you and you’ll want to do in your spare time. In that way it ends up not being a chore but a leisure. I found a playlist of all the previous episodes for youhere. If you can’t find something on youtube it’s probably on youku(needs a Chinese VPN for certain shows) or ニコニコ.

    If you want to start adding words to an anki deck I suggest using tagaini jisho to check for JLPT level. If it is N2 or below it is probably worth learning. This is only a general rule though. If there are words you see over and over you should always add them. Often they will be more common than the actual JLPT words. For example 清楚 is not part of a JLPT but is much more common than 葉書.
    To check how common words are you can also search google for it (put “” around the word). If you get below 100k results it might not be worth adding.
    I don’t suggest using jisho for determining if a word is common or not. That function seems to be flawed. You can always try to search for example sentences on there though. If there are 0 examples sentences for a word it is probably isn’t very common.
    Personally I use a combination of all three to determine how common a word is. I do however only use google when I am in doubt if it is a word I want to add or not. I’ve made a script(there are a lot of parameters specific to my PC) that automatically looks up a word in 5 different dictionaries to make this process easier. Just press alt+f paste the word in the search field and then 1 second later I can check the Japanese definition, English definition, JLPT level and example sentences :P It also automatically copies what I have marked to a specific field of anki with hotkeys. I’ve added almost 1000 words to my own anki decks so you can almost guess that it is something I’d recommend to everyone.

    I agree with you that lyrics have strange word choices at times, so it’s probably not the best source of words. But who cares? It just has to be something that interests you. This is what you do in your spare time so being effective isn’t really the main issue. Studying being fun is. Just use the sources I listed above and I am sure you can pick words from lyrics that are common and you’d want to learn. The radio show would probably also be great for this. Especially because it has a transcript.

    Facebook is fine ;)

    As for your question Aiki, I think it doesn’t make much sense as a beginner. Once you get to a higher level sub2srs can be an awesome way to make loads of very good anki cards in a very short time. Currently I’m busy watching “my boss my hero” and will probably end up making at least one episode in to anki cards. I will no doubt suspend some cards since studying every sentence of a drama doesn’t make much sense to me.

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    I will be going to Japan this January staying with a host family for 6 months and attending a Japanese language school for a total of 400+ hours. Even if I don’t pass N3, N2 will be my goal. Having something to study for always helps me stay motivated :)

    I don’t always listen to 48G(AKB48 group) related stuff. It’s probably nothing more than a few hours every week. I have the TV-shows I always watch and then some radio here and there. I will be honest and admit I don’t watch much not related to 48G even though I should start doing so. So as for recommendations for non idol related content I don’t really have any.
    I would however always recommend watching shows with Japanese subs as a beginner/ lower intermediate learner. It gets much less frustrating to watch because you can understand a lot more by reading. And it will also allow you to pause a section you don’t understand well, look up what the subs say, replay it and see if you understand it this time around etc. If there are words you don’t understand, the combination of the kanji on screen and the audio should make you able to type out the word so you can look it up, and perhaps add it to Anki so it won’t bother you in the future.
    Variety shows often have a lot of Japanese subs, but of course you can also just add Japanese subs to a drama etc, though they often seem to tackle more difficult subjects than variety shows.

    Strictly speaking you said AKB48, so here’s a radio show I listen to weekly with NMB48 :P
    No specific topic so it’s easy to understand and always funny.

    Also, Michael feel free to add me on skype etc. Just write to my mail and I will reply you back. (this mail forwards to my real mail)

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    What should convince me to not do it?

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    Hi Joel. Glad to hear you did well despite feeling so unsecure at one point. I found the hardest part of the test to be the last part of listening – the part where you have to chose the right answer. Rest of it I felt pretty confident about so I think I will pass. Here’s hoping you will as well :D

    I will be doing N2 in 6 months, maybe you’ll join me? :P
    Sorry for the late response I’ve been very busy with work and arrange my upcoming trip to Japan.

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    I am not sure at all, but my best guess would be that it was short for こい.

    Connect the dots
    Make everything join together

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    I usually don’t comment when something in this thread might not be 100% true, but this time I think the answer provided isn’t even close to being helpful so I couldn’t help it.
    It’s not “何が買う方がいいですか” – search Google for this and you get 0 results. If this exact phrase is not on any page indexed by Google, it probably isn’t correct Japanese ;)

    何を買ったらいいですか etc (there are more ways to say this)

    Same for
    どこに行く方がいいですか – 0 results

    何処に行けばいいですか etc(there are more ways to say this)

    Your last sentence also doesn’t make much sense, in what context would you say that lol? It’d be better if you eat ramen! Why not just ラメンを食べるべき, that’s way more natural in almost any context you could use the sentence you listed.

    I also think I proved Misters point…

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    Well isn’t that always how it works when you study? There’s no reason to study what you already know ;)

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    Nope it’s not enough for N4. You’ll need a lot of vocab and kanji knowledge not available on this site. I haven’t ever taken N5 so I don’t really know about that test, but from what I hear it’s a piece of cake to pass…

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    A good schedule is one that fits you. You are doing this as a self study so there is no right or wrong. Progress at the speed you want, and above all make sure to make it as enjoyable as possible so you’ll actually want to do it ;)

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    Well, news are often focused on one specific topic and if you haven’t ever researched that topic you will naturally be a bit lost. To avoid getting frustrated with not being able to understand a lot I’d suggest focusing on one specific thing you want to understand and just add words to anki every time you see something you don’t understand. At first there will be many, but over time they will become fewer. If you want to be able to understand the news you should probably go for a specific topic like politics etc, as there are a lot of lingo related to many subjects reported in the news that you won’t see very often used in conversations etc.
    I’ve been studying for like 2 years plus a few months by now and feel pretty confident when it’s related to idols since that’s what I’m interested in, but when it comes to news I can be pretty lost as well sometimes.

    take something like this
    I can definitely understand it, but since I’ve never had any interest in these kinds of topics there are quite a few words I actually haven’t seen before including these listed here. Quite a tragic story really… :/

    So yes I think it’s quite normal, but the only way to avoid it is to get better. Learning English I doubt I would’ve been able to read the news after just 2½ years and even to this day there is some lingo (especially financial) I don’t understand at all in English.

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    1 month left…

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    chan, sama, kun, etc.. These all function similarly to san.

    Since when?..

    さん is polite and isn’t needed in casual situations.

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