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    Those い adjectives are taking me a long time to get down too. By contrast the Kanji seems much easier. I have no easy shortcut on learning them. All I can say is use Anki daily.

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    I run the Anki reviews daily so they don’t pile up. I’ve missed one day in the past 15 or so months. I also don’t move forward until I’m comfortable with the latest set of vocabulary and sentences. Which can take me several weeks (I’m currently learning on the い adjectives (season 4), albeit very slowly).

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    I have to do the same than jasenko does, import on PC and then sync to ankidroid.

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    Ah. Thanks.

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    Ah yes, ン、ソ  and シ、ツ. I throw ノ in there too since I keep getting it confused with the first two.

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    What is the difference between じゃありません and じゃない?

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    That’ll help me too, since 3.8 is my next sub-season. Still finishing up learning the verbs in 3.7.

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    I recognize this as one out of the deck for Anki.

    This is who’s river? Who’s mountain?

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    I’m in season 3, stuck on learning the verbs in lesson 7.1. Some of those I just can’t some up with a mnemonic to fit, such as 習います / ならいます. Many are like that. A few I’ve gotten mostly down, fortunately. Once I feel comfortable with most of them, I’ll move on to the next sub-sections.

    Enjoy season 6!

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    Ah, an interesting bit of culture. Thanks.

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    Cool! I’ll have to do that.

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    Those sentences do assist.

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    The only thing I can think of that is similar is the word “read”.

    You read a book, and when you are done with it, you have read the book. It really gets to be a pain if the cover is red.

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    I did do that with the singer… thinking of the old almond joy song being sung… sometimes you feel like a nut… only not an almond, but a cashew…

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    You’re closer to my age than all the others I’ve read. I’m new here too and my intro I’ll make after this reply.

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