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    looking at what grammar textfugu covers, I think it wouldn’t be fair to expect to be intermediate level when you are done with it. When I am thinking intermediate, I am looking at JLPT N3 for comparison, and I can see textfugu doesn’t cover all grammar, and definitely not the almost 4000 words and 675 kanji it requires…

    I don’t even think you can pass N4 only doing things from TF to be honest. N5 might be doable though.



    Lawl at TF taking you to N3

    Not gonna happen. N5 might be doable^



    Just finished Season 2 w00t!


    Ben Reilly

    Welp, just wrapped up Season 3. Took me about a week.

    It was really nice to start learning real, “meaty” things like verbs. I hear that vocab picks up quite a bit in S04, and I’m fine with that.



    Grats guys!

    Unfortunately I’ve been hooked on Guild Wars 2 the last week, so haven’t made much progress. >_<



    FINALLY the results for my JLPT N3 exam arrived! It’s official! I passed!!


    Congratulations :)

    Did you get it on paper already, or got it from checking online? I think it might be faster if you live in Japan, though I could already check whether or not I passed this Monday.

    According to a mail I got, I won’t receive the paper until mid-October, so I wondering how it is if you took the test other places.



    Congrats Kiai. That’s both you and Mark who have passed it now. Great seeing fellow TF’ers doing well on the JLPT :)



    Yeah, definitely inspirational for those of us still working through the seasons. ^_^

    Speaking of which, you guys who have done the JLPT N3, was that the first one you did, or did you already complete the lower levels?

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    Tadah. I’ve just finished season 2. Going to rest, focus on my work for a while (not that I have much to do today, so I spent a fair bit of the morning studying japanese =P) and then start season 3.

    I’m liking TextFugu a lot and hope I can keep going on without getting stuck too much. Some words here and there are giving me trouble, and the multiple kanji readings still confuse me a bit, but it’s been more or less a smooth ride until now.

    Oh, and congratulations to those who passed tests, that’s pretty awesome! I plan to try the TOEFL exam soon ^^. As for Japanese exams..maybe in two years or so, heh .



    Congrats to you too Mark!

    I just got the paper in the mail yesterday. I didn’t think/bother to check online.

    And I did take N4 in the past. (bout a year an a half ago…)



    time to take N2



    @Bbvoncrumb – With good audio software slowing down speech does not have to distort the sound at all. There is only so much slowing down or speeding up you can do before it does distort though.



    I’m on season 5 start of chapter 8.

    At some point, maybe a few chapters back, Koichi says that you hit intermediate Japanese. I’ve had other people say that as well, but honestly it doesn’t feel like it. I will feel intermediate when I can understand more than parts anime conversations. ;)

    I honestly don’t think it’s possible to pass N5 after finishing Textfugu. I’ve already started my “What do I do after Textfugu plan.” Originally it was my “What do I do after Textfugu panic!”, but I’ve had some time to think about it. I’ll miss having someone walk me through everything, but the later chapters have a lot less hand holding anyway.

    The real question is how will I know when I’m ready for n5? What resources can I use to get myself there?


    When you know like 80-100% of what are on those lists I think you can be safe to pass :p



    You could also just take a sample test and see if you pass. I would warn you about those samples however. They take like 15min, the real test is 1.5-2h so they can ask you about a lot more things, and luck is less of a factor. Also the sample isnt timed, so yeah…. It doest really compare to the JLPT, but it is a decent indicator I guess.




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